Streaming from Redwood Valley, California

XME Live Fire Radio is a live radio stream scanning Mendocino County fire and emergency medical service public safety frequencies. Hosted by, this stream is a recreational project of its author and is made available for leisure listening.

The stream is embedded near the bottom of this web page, and radio traffic on the feed should already be audible. To open the player in a new window, click Listen Live. You can also listen to XME Live Fire Radio and other streams throughout the country at To listen on the go, visit RadioReference Mobile from your PDA or Smartphone browser.

Mendocino County and the Mendocino Operational Area

Located on the northern California coast between San Francisco and Eureka, Mendocino County encompasses an area of 3500 square miles. It is home to the Jackson Demonstration State Forest (the largest of California's state forests) and a significant portion of the Mendocino National Forest. The City of Ukiah is the largest of four municipalities and is the county seat.

"XME" is the state identifier for the Mendocino Operational Area (Mendocino County), within Region II of the OES Fire and Rescue Branch Mutual Aid System. It suites the title of the stream well because radio traffic heard on this feed is more or less confined to the Mendocino Operational Area.

Mendocino County Fire/EMS Radio Communications: a Primer

Mendocino County fire and emergency medical services operate on VHF High Band within the public safety pool, and contract their dispatch needs to CalFire, Mendocino Unit (MEU). This service is provided by the Howard Forest Emergency Command Center ("Howard Forest"). The City of Ukiah and City of Willits/Little Lake FPD are self-sufficient with respect to fire dispatch, provided by the primary PSAP for each city ("Station 36" and "Willits" respectively).

Frequencies in the current scan bank are listed above-right. County Fire Red is the dispatch and primary local government command channel. County Fire Blue & Green serve as secondary command channels. CDF Command 8 is the primary MEU command channel for state incidents. Little Lake Fire Command and Ukiah Fire Command are the dispatch and primary command channels for those agencies.

Mountain-top repeaters for County Fire Red, Blue & Green, CDF MEU Local, and CDF Command 1, Command 2 & Command 8 are strategically located to enable use of these channels county-wide; however, the repeaters are not linked. Therefore, the quality of audio heard on the stream will vary in relation to the distance between the scanner and the repeater in use, as well as current weather conditions.

At right is a list of agencies heard on the stream. State agency designators and radio identifiers are listed where applicable. A four-digit numbering scheme is utilized for radio identifiers, with few exceptions. The first two digits identify the agency and the last two identify the resource type (indicated by "xx" in the list). Ambulance providers are grouped in the 9100 series; the third digit identifies the provider and fourth identifies the resource.

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